Best New Toast Recipes

Best New Toast Recipes
Nature Williams
A Fresh Ink Select. Originally posted 05/19/2022

Toast. It’s an age-old, trusty breakfast standby. In recent years, though, toast has become quite an equal-opportunity meal. French toast for breakfast? Yum. Avocado toast for lunch? Sure! Pizza toast for dinner? Yes, please. With the toast recipes coming our way via TikTok (we see you, yogurt toast) and many reinventions of avocado toast, we may as well all become toastatarians. Seriously, though. When you are hungry, toast is there for you. In celebration of toast and all its iterations, we’ve wrangled some of the best toast recipes here, best attempted with your favorite Inked Bread, of course. 

Delicious Cheese Toast Upgrades

Cheese toast’s ease to tastiness ratio is hard to beat. Your favorite Inked Bread, a slice or two of good cheese, a buttered griddle, and boom. Deliciousness delivered. It’s perfect as is, but also the foundation for so many upgrades! Layer fresh sliced tomatoes or deli meat on your cheese toast, drizzle a swirl of pesto on of your cheese toast before broiling, or, how about making Jamie Oliver’s famous Cheese Toastie? While those of us on the other side of the pond would probably call this “fancy grilled cheese,” it looks so delicious that we’re keeping it on our toast post. 

grated egg toast

Trending Tik Tok Toasts: Yogurt Toast, Grated Egg Toast, Pizza Toast

There’s a lot of toast content on TikTok, and we’re here for it. Yogurt Toast and Grated Egg Toast both have gone viral in recent months, and for good reason. Sure, yogurt on toast sounds a little weird at first, but the result is a creamy custard on delicious toast—more like breakfast cheesecake. We are down with it. Add some fresh berries and chocolate chips and you’ve got a winning toast situation. And grated eggs on toast initially sounded like a questionable use of precious pre-breakfast minutes, but it turns out that the soft, pillowy texture of the grated eggs is actual toast magic. In fact, you may soon find yourself adding grated eggs to your roasted veggies or grilled hamburgers. Hello.  

And who could miss Hailey Bieber’s pizza toast recipe? Golden brown toasted Inked Sourdough Bread, topped with melty burrata cheese, fresh tomatoes, warm marinara sauce, fresh parm, truffle oil and more? That’s right. Weekly pizza night just turned into pizza toast every night. 

avocado toast with sliced boiled egg

Avocado Toast: Any Time of Day

Avocado toast is now a classic element in the toastaverse, and it’s constantly being reinvented in new and delicious ways. It’s a satisfying breakfast or snack option: avocado and a bit of salt and fresh-ground pepper, atop toasted  Inked Agave Super Seeds Bread. Or, give your avocado toast a protein boost by adding a fried egg on top. Or, hey, maybe some grated egg? Craving fresh heirloom tomatoes with your avocado toast? Create a caprese inspired rendition of avocado toast, complete with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette. You really can’t lose with avocado toast!

Fresh Fruit French Toast (Make it Keto!) 

French toast is a crowd favorite for weekend brunch or a quick weekday dinner. It’s slightly savory, but with the right syrup, whipped cream, and/or fresh fruit, you can create the perfect sweet and salty meal. If you’re following a Keto diet, you’re not left out of this one! With a few tweaks to a traditional french toast recipe and by choosing Inked Keto White Bread, you can be flipping your keto french toast in the frying pan in no time. Add fresh berries as your topping, and voila—keto-inspired french toast.

With this collection of toast recipes, you’re sure to have some new and delicious toast options, any time of day. Wherever your day takes you, let Inked Bread be your fuel.  And as always, if you’re slinging a fabulous sandwich and posting about it on the socials, find us or tag us at #thatsmybread!

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