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Choose from any of our breads to build up this pack.  Just select which loaves you want in the dropdowns.

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Rene Averett
My Favorite Bread

And I'm not just talking Keto bread. Any bread. I love the Timber Wolf. I found it at Sam's Club and it even smelled better than the other Keto breads. When SC quit carrying it in my town, I went crazy. My roomie brought back about a dozen loaves from a trip to Las Vegas and a SC there who carried it. I am a bread lover, and even though I can make a loaf of Keto, it doesn't taste as good as either the seeded bread or the white. I am thankful our local Safeway carries it now, but if they stop, I am relieved to know I can order it. I recommend both Keto breads on my food blog. Can't wait to see what the new bread will be.

Marcia Barr
Love this bread

I am trying to eat less carbs and more fiber. I hate the taste of most Leto products but I love this bread! Especially the one with seeds.

You'll be a happy camper!

I've been on my keto journey for a few years. What has been THE most difficult part is giving up carbs; specifically bread and pasta. I don't care how much I spend to find a good one. I came upon Inked during a Costco roadshow. I grabbed the sample and kept walking thinking "here's another piece of crappy cardboard to eat." I wanted to hug the lady bc her bread was so delicious! I didn't believe it was keto and read the back of the bag and ingredient list. My gosh. Unbelievably good bread! Both the white and the seeded were so yummy. You'd never know they were keto unless it was pointed out. Best thing?? It's not $15 loaf! I've been getting mine at Walmart, but will have some shipped here next time. I promise (and I don't say that word loosely) you'll be happy. Btw, I think I've boasted about this find in every keto FB group I belong to.

Debbie Falk
Great bread

The white keto bread is great, love that I can now get it online

Best Keto bread

I’ve tried several Keto breads and these are by far the best! We had a local store carrying them for a bit, but when they stopped I found I could get them online for basically the same cost. Love it!