Make the Best Keto Sandwiches with Inked Keto Bread

Make the Best Keto Sandwiches with Inked Keto Bread
Nature Williams
A Fresh Ink Select. Oringally published: 06/24/2022

Now that you have a solid option for keto bread (ahem, Inked Keto), sandwiches are back on the menu! Gather your keto-compliant condiments and get ready for a feast, because we’ve compiled a solid keto sandwich to-eat list.

Nut Butter and Berry Keto Sandwich 

Keto Multi Seeds BreadWith just a couple slices of Inked Keto Bread, your favorite keto-compliant nut butter, and a handful of berries, you have everything you need for a PB&J inspired keto sandwich. Perfect for lunch out on the trail or for a simple office lunch, a nut butter and berry keto sandwich hits the spot. 

BLT but Make it Keto

Cold, crisp lettuce plus a slice or two of heirloom tomato, layered with sizzling bacon—does it get better than a BLT? Answer: no, but can you make it keto? Answer: yes!! With sugar free bacon, avocado oil mayo, and Inked Bread’s new keto bread options, you can absolutely level-up to a K(eto)BLT. 

Keto Cuban Sandwich

What’s better than two types of pork, roast pork and ham, pickles, and swiss cheese layered between crisp, grilled bread? Yes, we’re talking about a Cuban sandwich! With a few strategic tweaks, you can enjoy a keto-friendly Cuban sandwich right at home. With Inked Keto Bread, it’s possible! Of course, double check each component of your sandwiches, because we all know that sugar creeps up in pork products, especially. Once you’ve got the ingredients in order though, it’s keto Cuban sandwiches on the reg. 

Egg Salad Keto Sandwich

Egg sandwiches are a solid option for breakfast, lunch or dinner. When you don’t have time to scramble or fry eggs for a hot sandwich on the regular, enter egg salad. With minimal time investment, you can whip up a bowl of egg salad to keep in the fridge for a few days. Then, when the sandwich cravings hit, boom, you’ve got an egg salad sandwich in no time. Combine boiled eggs, avocado oil mayonnaise, salt and pepper (to taste) in a bowl and mix with a fork. Add a little hot sauce or some sugar-free pickle relish to mix things up, and you’re well on your way to a protein-dense egg salad sandwich. 

Keto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Crisp, buttery bread and melty, sharp cheddar cheese: this is the foundation for many, many delicious sandwiches. On its own, it’s a masterpiece. Add your deli meat between the slices, all the better. Fresh tomato slices with spinach? YES. It’s all happening. Dare we suggest a fried egg and keto-friendly bacon for a power-packed breakfast sandwich? We’ll take one! Choose your favorite Inked Keto Bread and get started on your favorite rendition of a keto grilled cheese sandwich today!

Start slinging sandwiches, keto peeps. The time has come! And as always, if you make something amazing with our bread, tag us on the socials with #thatsmybread! 

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