When Keeping it Real Goes Awesomely Right

The idea for Inked Bread was born when a few of us real people, who had all taken very different paths through life, got together and realized that we all were looking to make a difference. That meeting resulted in a promise to make the most healthy and awesome tasting bread people can buy.

Why the name Inked Organics?

The Inked Bread brand is built around the idea that art and craft are involved in the most enjoyable things in life and we believe that using tattoo art helps us communicate this idea. Tattoos stand for self-expression and individual freedom— we like that. That’s why we created our breads to be unique, making each bag of Inked Bread a tasty reflection of the person who enjoys it.

The Inked Difference

  • We believe in food grown as organically as possible because we respect this planet.
  • We believe that the best food comes from the best ingredients – we do not compromise and there are no shortcuts.
  • We are committed to preserving the art and craft of artisan baking, and think it’s best done through supporting local bakeries.
  • We are real people who make amazing bread with a real purpose.