Best Summer Soup and Sandwich Combos

Best Summer Soup and Sandwich Combos
Ian Schuster

A Fresh Ink Select. Originally published 08/12/2022

Here at Inked Bread, we are sandwich people, no doubt, and no matter the season, soup is an obvious pairing with your favorite sammy. Of course, in the warmer months, we all tend to steer clear of heavy, hearty soups in favor of lighter fare packed with fresh summer vegetables. Hot or cold, summer soups hit the spot. So, grab a loaf or two of Inked Bread, the sandwich fixin’s of your choice, and scroll through these best summer soup recipes to find something new to try! 

Pair the Best Hot Summer Soups with Sandwiches on Inked Bread

Chicken soup is a delicious dish, regardless of the season. In the summer, load your chicken soups with fresh summer vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini, and green beans. While we often add noodles or rice to your chicken soups, skipping them offers a lighter option for warmer weather. A great recipe we found is this Summer Chicken Vegetable Soup. Add a simple toasted sandwich with herbed goat cheese for a tasty pairing. 

Looking for a nutritious soup full of a variety of vegetables that take just 30 minutes to make? Look no further than this Summer Minestrone recipe. Chopped veggies like swiss chard, tomatoes, zucchini, corn, and green beans mingle beautifully with white beans and lima beans for an italian inspired bowl of soup. Serve this delicious vegetable soup with a smoked turkey sandwich with provolone cheese on your favorite organic Inked Bread for a complete and delicious meal. 

Although Instant Pots and slow cookers tend to be our cool weather kitchen appliances, this Instant Pot Summer Soup may change your routines. Loaded with vegetables, this soup is like a cross between minestrone and a bean-free chili. Another flexible soup option, you can tweak this one according to your dietary preferences with ease. Skipping the chicken, swapping the vegetables, grains and broth can easily make this soup vegan, dairy free, etc. This soup packs so much flavor, it pairs perfectly with a classic ham and cheese sandwich on Rosie’s San Francisco Bay Sourdough Bread. Rosie’s is the best organic sourdough bread you can buy at a grocery store, so you won’t be disappointed. 

Try Cold Summer Soups with Your Favorite Inked Bread Sandwiches

Cold soup is not everybody’s cup of tea, as they say, but these three cold soup recipes might change your mind! A classic Gazpacho is a great on-ramp for trying cold soup. Originating in Spain, and loaded with fresh vine-ripened tomatoes, this recipe can be served smooth or chunky. Serve this gazpacho with a classic grilled cheese sandwich on our classic Inked Great White Bread or Winter Wolf White Keto Bread for a keto-friendly option.  

For a creamy option, cold yogurt soups, popular in Persia, offer a rich yet refreshing dish. This Chilled Greek Yogurt Soup recipe results in a remarkably flavorful and oh, so creamy soup. The fresh dill is a key element for this savory cold soup. This soup pairs perfectly with a Greek gyro sandwich, which can be served on the traditional pita, or prepared like a sandwich with Rosie’s San Francisco Bay Sourdough Bread

For a fabulous interplay between summer’s darling, juicy watermelon, and Gazpacho, try this Watermelon Gazpacho recipe. Despite the sweet flavor of watermelon, this soup comes together as decidedly savory and SO refreshing. With a no-cook timeline, you’ll be enjoying it before you know it. This soup will complement a Caprese sandwich on Inked Great White Bread

Whatever soup and sandwich combo you give a try this summer, tag us at #thatsmybread!

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