The Long Awaited Relaunch

The Long Awaited Relaunch
Nature Williams

With 7 Inked breads, 59 retail-available types of deli meats, 61 leading sliced cheese types, 42 rival condiments, and 64 popular vegetable and fruit toppings/dressings, we are already counting 67.7 million culinary permutations. And that's just sandwiches. So we'd best get started. 

But our "Fresh Ink" blog is here more than to just help you navigate the labyrinthic world of sandwich artisanship.  We will provide you with the latest and greatest on our events near you and new and forthcoming products.  Exciting things are on tap for 2024, so let's get to it..... 

..... Starting next week of course....Hey we're a bread company, not a media company, OK?  Seriously. Where would you want us to invest our efforts....  Anyway, we guarantee the wait will be worth it.  It has to do with a revolutionary new take on the natural energy that bursts forth from a well crafted and meticulously sourced Grains and Seeds bread.

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