Back to School Lunches that Aren't Boring

Back to School Lunches that Aren't Boring
Nature Williams

A Fresh Ink Select. Initially published: 7/29/2022

Back-to-school lunch packing is almost upon us once again, and this year it doesn’t have to be boring or a drag. Whether you are packing your little one’s first sack lunch for kindergarten, or you’re planning the ingredients to have on hand for your foodie middle schooler to create their own fantabulous lunch, Inked Bread is here for it. From cookie cutter creations to bento box bonanzas, the foundation of a solid, healthy school lunch is—you guessed it—fresh, delicious bread. 

Have Fun with Cookie Cutters this Back-to-School Season

One way to make back-to-school lunch more interesting is by busting out the cookie cutters. From simple shapes to complex embossed designs, sandwiches have never looked so cute! Parrish at Life with the Crust Cut Off featured a super cool super hero themed lunch, complete with a circle-shaped super hero sammie! 

Add Sandwich Skewer Sides to Your Back-to-School Lunch Plans

Mix up the back to school lunch side item routine with skewers! From fruit kabobs to caprese skewers to this genius salad on a stick recipe from Barefeet in the Kitchen, you can make your lunch sides into a surprising and SO easy to eat addition to the meal!

Bento Boxes Bring Lunchtime Smiles

Bento boxes—it’s the top tier of school lunch glory. Impeccable presentation, balanced nutrition, super-cool bento style lunch box: yes, please. With origins that reach back hundreds of years into Japanese culture, the modern bento box retains an artful approach that makes the lunchroom crowd take notice. Fruits and vegetables cut into bite-sized pieces, tasty dips like hummus or guacamole, cold pasta salads, sandwiches cut into fun shapes—it’s all in play with bento boxes. A fun protein-dense side item that is very bento-esque is BLT Sushi from Delish. 

make hot chicken and waffles with Inked Organics bread

Mix Lunchtime Up with Waffle Iron Sandwiches

When your creativity is running short but you want to mix it up, it’s time to break out the waffle iron. Waffle Iron Sandwiches take a regular sandwich and gives it a crispy, melty makeover. From simple waffle iron grilled cheese sandwiches to gooey nut butter and jelly, give an old favorite sandwich a glow up with your trusty waffle iron. 

As the summer holiday comes to a close for you and your family, we wish you a smooth transition back into the school routine. And if you make any fantastic school lunch creations featuring our bread, be sure to tag us at #thatsmybread! 

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