Summer Cookout Food: Keto Edition

Summer Cookout Food: Keto Edition
Nature Williams

A Fresh Inked Select. Originally published: 07/25/2022

Are you planning to host or attend a 4th of July party or a classic summer cookout, but wanting to keep it keto? It’s not as hard as it may seem. Staying compliant at a party does take some planning, but is definitely doable. If it’s pot-luck you can bring a couple of keto sides, or join forces with a few other keto friends to have a full keto buffet. Simply coordinate together to each bring a dish and you can share among yourselves as well as introduce your keto-friendly ways to other party guests. 

If you’re the host and you want to offer a keto-friendly spread, you have plenty of options! With the recipes we’ve gathered, you can have an entirely keto menu. From the main course to dessert, you can adapt the whole meal to be keto without sacrificing on flavor. Here at Inked Bread, we not only make the best keto bread on the market, but we’ve also gathered a bunch of really yummy keto recipes to support your keto lifestyle on July 4th and any day! 

4th of July Cookout Pulled Pork

For a classic main course, pulled pork is the way to go! This recipe for Instant Pot keto pulled pork is simple, easy and you can make it in advance of the party. With only five ingredients and zero carbs, this recipe is a winner. Layer the pulled pork onto fresh slices of your favorite Inked Keto Bread  for a satisfying anchor to your 4th of July feasting.

Keto-Friendly Cookout Side Items

For some mouth-watering keto-friendly side items, an easy make-ahead option is a cold salad. Both coleslaw and broccoli salad can be made keto compliant without sacrificing the taste. Try sugar free coleslaw  or bacon broccoli salad for this summer’s cookout. If you’d like to make something macaroni and cheese adjacent, so to speak, try keto jalapeno popper cauliflower “mac and cheese”. Or, try a fun interpretation on kabobs, with  bacon cheeseburger bites.

Fill Your Grill with Keto Options at Your Next Cookout

Load up your grill this summer with lots of keto options. Brie and caramelized onion stuffed burgers will deliver major main course energy, while grilled bacon wrapped asparagus and grilled broccolini will play their supporting roles to perfection.

Delicious Keto Desserts Deliver at the BBQ

You don’t have to give up good desserts by maintaining a keto lifestyle. From keto chocolate chip cookies or almond flour brownies, you can still have the classic summer BBQ desserts. Or, go big with an impressive keto chocolate cake or a zesty keto lemon meringue pie. The sky’s the limit!

Whether you’re grilling a simple meal at home or hosting all of your neighbors for a big party, we wish you a safe and happy holiday weekend! Remember, tag us at #thatsmybread with your 4th of July or summer cookout foods that feature your favorite Inked Bread.

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