Spotlight: Inked Bread Costco Roadshows

Spotlight: Inked Bread Costco Roadshows
Nature Williams

A Fresh Inked Select.  Originaly published 07/05/2022

We’ve all been there: navigating the wide aisles of our local Costco, getting a little hungry. We reach the end of the aisle and there it is. A beacon of light for your rumbling belly. Costco samples. Or, better yet, an Inked Bread Roadshow booth. 

If you’re from California and frequent Costco, you’ve probably seen our Inked Roadshow Crew in action. Maybe that’s even how you first met your beloved Inked Bread. Was it love-at-first-taste with that warm, toasted sample served up by one of our dapper Inked Bread reps? Mmmmm. We get it.

Inked Bread has a strong history of fabulous roadshow seasons at Costcos in California, and it’s something we really love to do. We recently caught up with Steve Warren, who runs our Roadshow team, for a quick little Roadshow Q & A. 

Roadshow Q & A with Steve

Q: What’s your name, and how long have you been doing Costco Roadshows for Inked Bread?

A: Steve Warren, since 2018

Q: How many years has Inked been doing Costco Roadshows?

A: Four years

Q: What does a day in the life of a Costco Roadshow Representative look like? 

A: Lots of toasting and buttering bread, selling 2 pack loaves of mixed and match Inked organic bread and Inked Keto bread, bagging the loaves for the customer, and explaining what makes Inked so great!

Q: What is the best thing about running an Inked Bread Costco Roadshow?

A: Getting to build relationships built with store and customers

Q: What is the most commonly asked question by Costco shoppers?

A: “What makes Inked better?”

Q: What is the craziest question you’ve been asked at a roadshow?

A: How do you toast the bread?

Q: What’s your favorite loaf of Inked Bread?

A: Great White Bread

Q: Anything else you think the world needs to know about Inked Costco Roadshows?

We have the best bread on the planet; you’ve got to come to try it!

Share Your Inked Roadshow with #thatsmybread 

Of course, here at Inked Bread, we know that our bread is the best in the business. Nothing fake, nothing extra. Just delicious, healthy bread. We love the opportunity to share the goodness with new customers through our Costco Roadshows. If you have a good Inked Roadshow story to tell, tag us at #thatsmybread. Whether you’re after the best organic bread on the grocery store shelves, or the tastiest keto bread on the market—Inked Bread has you covered. 

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