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  • More Wolfy Info to Come!
  • More Wolfy Info to Come!
  • More Wolfy Info to Come!
  • More Wolfy Info to Come!

The Wild Journey of OR-54: A Tale of Exploration and Courage

Welcome to our story of wild adventure and resilience, a story that connects the spirit of a remarkable wolf with the heart and soul of our bread-making traditions.

Meet OR-54: The Rogue Female

OR-54, also known as Rogue Female 54, was a legendary member of the Rogue Wolf Pack in Oregon. She captured the hearts of wildlife researchers and enthusiasts with her daring spirit and adventurous journey, much like our own adventurous journey in the world of bread-making.

Born into the Rogue Pack around 2018, OR-54 was fitted with a radio collar to track her movements. This was just the beginning of her incredible journey, a journey that symbolizes the boldness and determination we bring to every loaf of bread we bake.

A Journey of Discovery

In January 2018, OR-54 set off on a journey that would take her across Oregon and into California. She traveled through forests, mountains, and even human-dominated areas, covering significant distances in her quest to establish her own territory and find a mate. Her travels remind us of our own exploration in perfecting our bread recipes, navigating through traditional techniques and modern innovation to bring you the best bread possible.

A Symbol of Resilience

OR-54’s presence in California highlighted the potential for wolf recovery in a state where wolves had been absent for nearly a century. Her journey is a testament to resilience, much like our commitment to reviving and preserving traditional bread-making methods.

Coexistence and Harmony

OR-54's travels sparked discussions about wolf conservation and coexistence with human activities. Similarly, our journey in bread-making is about finding harmony between tradition and innovation, ensuring that each loaf we create is a perfect blend of the old and the new.

A Legacy of Courage

Though OR-54's journey came to a tragic end in early 2020, her legacy continues to inspire. In her honor, we dedicate our new line of keto sourdough bread, celebrating the wild and untamed spirit that OR-54 & The Rogue Pack embodied.

Join Us on Our Journey

Explore our range of breads, each one crafted with care and a touch of wild adventure. Together, let's honor the legacy of OR-54 and the enduring spirit of exploration and resilience.