Stay on track with your keto diet AND have a slice or two of delicious bread: Yes, please! 

inked keto bread multi seed

Keto bread is specially formulated to follow the nutritional criteria of the keto diet, offering bread that has the right balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. While there are many keto breads on the market, not all of them are particularly tasty, so we set out to change that. 

Here at Inked Bread we’ve made a name for ourselves for our mouth-watering organic breads. You know you can count on us for the best tasting, best quality bread on the market. Epic stuffed, healthy sandwiches is the name of our game. But, sadly, our keto friends haven’t been able to play— until NOW.

Introducing Inked Keto Bread: Our dependable high bread-making standards meet the nutritional criteria to keep your keto diet on track. It’s a delicious match made in sandwich making heaven. Load your Inked keto bread with all the diet-approved ingredients and sink your chompers into a feast of a meal.

Whether you are in a maintenance phase on a long term keto lifestyle, or simply looking to trim some carbs from your already healthy diet, Inked Keto bread is for you. Our Inked Timber Wolf Keto Seeds bread is stacked with sunflower seeds, sesame seeds AND flax seeds to give your toast a power punch, while our Winter Wolf Keto White bread is a classic, mild bread perfect for a grilled cheese or even making keto-friendly croutons.

Whether you’re looking to dip a grilled sandwich into your favorite keto soup or add some homemade crunch to your routine green salads with DIY croutons, Inked Keto bread is your go-to. Look for the newest Inked Bread offering at your local retailer. And, as always, if you share your Inked Bread masterpiece online, make sure to tag us with #thatsmybread ! 

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