The holiday season is here, and while it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it can also become a time when stress starts creeping in. The magic of Christmas fades in the hectic clamor of shopping lists, planning, and everyone’s various expectations. To fend off any of that bah humbug energy, it’s important to have a solid plan to stay as stress-free this holiday season as possible. Of all years, 2020 is certainly one when we could all use a relaxed, festive holiday, sans stress. We have three main healthy tips to help make the holidays less stressful: 

Prepare Good Food

Of course, here at Inked Organics, we are partial to a solid plan for nutritious food amid the hustle and bustle, especially one that involves healthy, organic bread. Simplified, healthy food options are a crucial element for holiday stress relief this season. Keep up your healthy meal routine as much as you can through the holidays by planning ahead and keeping quick, easy and nutritious meals on hand. Hearty soups with your favorite sandwiches on our Agave Super Seeds bread is a great option for holiday stress-relief eating! Delicious healthy bread, with added nutrition in the seeds, is an anchor for your holiday good food plan.

Protect Good Sleep

Getting plenty of rest is an essential part of staying less stressed, and the holidays are no exception! Try to protect your evenings after a set time to give yourself time to unwind and prepare for a long winter’s nap every night. Maintain a generous sleep routine this year, and you may just find yourself in more of a holly and jolly mindset! Remember, holiday stress is normal, and stress often affects sleep. If you’re struggling to sleep, try keeping your phone away from your bed to help you drift off sooner than later.

Practice Good Will

2020 has been a year that resulted in many of us ending the year in totally different circumstances than the beginning of the year. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic and the ripple effects felt through isolation and economic hardship, most of us are feeling more vulnerable this year. If you have the bandwidth (and no shame at all if you don’t!) it’s a good year to exercise your goodwill toward your fellow humans in a small way. Whether that means dropping off some healthy food at the local food bank, giving blood or donating money, helping others is a proven way to promote wellbeing in your own life. 

Find your favorite loaf of Inked Organics bread at your local grocery store, LA area Costcos, and more locations added every week! And, as usual, if you’re proud of a sandwich you create, give us a shout on Instagram using #thatsmybread! From everyone here at Inked, we wish you a healthy, meaningful and low-stress holiday season this year! 

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