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When keeping it real goes awesomely right

The idea for Inked Bread was born when a few of us real people, who had all taken very different paths through life, got together and realized that we all were looking to make a difference. That meeting resulted in a promise to make the most healthy and awesome tasting bread people can buy.

Why the name Inked Organics?

The Inked Bread brand is built around the idea that art and craft are involved in the most enjoyable things in life and we believe that using tattoo art helps us communicate this idea. Tattoos stand for self-expression and individual freedom— we like that. That’s why we created our breads to be unique, making each bag of Inked Bread a tasty reflection of the person who enjoys it.

The Inked Difference

  • We believe in food grown as organically as possible because we respect this planet.
  • We believe that the best food comes from the best ingredients – we do not compromise and there are no shortcuts.
  • We believe in supporting and preserving the livelihood of family-owned farms.
  • We are committed to preserving the art and craft of artisan baking, and think it’s best done through supporting local bakeries.
  • We are real people who make amazing bread with a real purpose.
Scott Seymour

Scott Seymour

Chief Executive Officer

As a father of 2 sets of twins and a long-time exercise enthusiast, Scott has a tremendous passion for healthy foods.  He understands the considerable benefits that come from eating foods that are organic and is mindful about what he puts into his and his family’s bodies.

After years of buying bread that had too many artificial ingredients, reeked of chemicals, and frankly, just didn’t taste good, Scott decided to create a bread company that kept ingredients simple and pronounceable: Inked Bread.

Never afraid of challenges, large or small, Scott assembled a rockstar team of farmers, millers, bakers, and diehard bread fanatics to help people love eating bread again!  To this day, Scott remains committed to sourcing the best ingredients and using crafted baking processes to deliver bread you can feel proud to eat and to serve your family.

Dustin Bakker

Dustin Bakker

Chief "Make-It-Happen" Officer

With a name like Bakker, Dustin was born for Inked Bread. He is literally a second-generation baker and traces his love of good food and sustainable agriculture to his grandfather’s farm in Washington. 

With decades of experience in the food industry, Dustin has worked for huge national bakeries as well as building a regional bakery from ground zero to become a national player in the industry. But, that just wasn’t good enough and he wanted something more satisfying. 

Dustin  co-founded Inked Bread because “I got sick and tired of reaching to the shelf and picking up crumby bread that just didn’t have passion behind it”. As our Chief “Make-It-Happen” Officer, he heads up our sales team and loves to share his bread passion far and wide. Dustin’s favorite Inked Bread: Agave Super Seed, straight outta the bag baby!!

Ryan Nicholl

Ryan Nicholl

Chief Creative Officer

As our Chief Creative Officer, Ryan holds the world record for “most unusual path to being a baking guy”. A passionate professional musician, composer for video games and graphic designer by trade, Ryan is responsible for the Inked Bread  brand and is hands-on with all the bag design, website, sales copy, social media, van wraps and shirts! 

The inspiration for Inked Bread came together from watching way more cooking shows than one should and having an ‘AHA!’ moment after seeing so many pro chefs with tattoos. 

Ryan led the creative way to all the cool artwork you see on every Inked Bread package and equates launching the Inked brand to releasing a new album with a great band. Ryan’s favorite Inked Bread: Rosie’s San Francisco Bay Sourdough Grilled Cheese Sangwich!

Greg Birchfield

Greg Birchfield

National Sales Director

A trained pastry chef from Culinary Institute of America, Greg has been in the food industry since the start of his career.  Greg led culinary teams for some of the finest hotels and restaurants for 15 years.  Yeah, he can make flan, eclairs, and get the most perfect burnt sugar topping on a creme Brulee, but where he found his niche is finding exponential growth opportunities for food retailers and distributors.  

Greg has played a key role in implementing large food retailers’ store openings in countries all over the world as well as setting standards for sourcing new products and staying ahead of the curve to solidify consistent business growth.  His steady and unwavering commitment to helping businesses and teams succeed without a doubt shows in his daily involvement at Inked, and we know who we’re calling when we have a craving for something sweet!

Keith Giusto

Keith Giusto

Chief Entertainment Officer and Chief Formulation Officer

Keith wears two hats in this company: CEO and CFO, Chief Entertainment Officer and Chief Formulation Officer. Anyone who knows Keith has seen passion in its purest form. He’s a third-generation baker, a fourth-generation miller and his family helped to usher in the organic foods movement in the 40’s and 50’s in the Bay area. He’s continued building upon the family traditions since the late 70’s not only as a leader in organic baking methods but also as an outspoken advocate for farmers, millers and bakers across the nation.

Keith talks the talk as much as he walks the walk by sticking to traditional fundamentals with long fermentation and slow process to do what others accomplish with additives. Keith knows the best ingredients used with masterful technique results in amazing bread.

Keith has definitively earned the title CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) because you can’t escape a good time when you’re with Keith whatever the activity – developing formulas in the bakery, talking shop with his sister Pamela (of Pamela’s Products) or kicking back makin’ and bakin’ pizzas in his custom pizza oven decked out like a 1968 Chevy Camaro Rally Sport Z28. Whatever the task, you’re always in for a good time hangin’ with the original “Bad Boy of Organic Flour”.

As Keith always says “Just make something good with it.”

Nicky Giusto

Nicky Giusto

Chief Bread Officer

Nicky’s bio is forthcoming but here’s the cliff notes: Nicky is from a family of bakers and farmers, he’s an acclaimed baker, runs ultra marathons, has had more gigs as a guitarist and graphic designer than a Macbook Pro and I heard he once straight up punched a grizzly bear in the face…

FYI: We have a Chief Bread Officer because if you’re making bread for people, and you don’t have a guy that’s makin’ it happen on the bread front, then you’re probably doing it wrong.

Steve Warren

Steve Warren

Operations Officer

If it involves getting Inked Bread from the bakery to store shelves, Steve is on it. He’s so dedicated to his work, we had to build a small apartment next to our bakery so Steve could keep a close eye on every detail. And that’s ok with Steve, who believes, “If you love what you do, it’s not work.” 

With more than 30 years in the industry, Steve looks at Inked Bread as his chance to do something revolutionary. How big? “I want to create the best bread company possible. This is my lunar landing.” A die-hard Raiders fan, Steve got his first tattoo at the age of 42, of, what else, the Raiders emblem. Next up, the Inked Bread logo. Now that’s commitment. His favorite bread: Toasted Great White with butter.

Cordell Hamblin

Cordell Hamblin

Merchandising Manager

Cordell is a 20 year veteran of the bread industry. Born in So-Cal, Cordell was raised on surfing and the sun until the bread business moved him to Nevada. 

Nevada is where Cordell first teamed up with Dustin and Steve. They joined forces within a large national bread company, where they were key members of the sales and distribution teams. They later moved onto a regional bakery where they helped to start a successful branded bread and distribution business.

Cordell ties Ryan for having the most tattoos, one of which is the phrase “Flip It”. His trademark saying “Flip It” is about turning that bad time on its head and making the most of a bad situation. He does this with such ease that Cordell’s title could be “Master of Positive Attitudes”. An avid music fan Cordell also spends his free time watching and playing basketball or spending time with his kids.

Rafael Garcia

Rafael Garcia

District Manager

Rafael can tear down a two stroke dirt bike motor only slightly faster than he can whip up a family barbecue for his beautiful wife and four kids. When he’s not rocking our Costco Roadshows he takes on the role of super dad taking the fam to the go-kart tracks, batting cages or cheering on the sidelines at soccer games. 

I can only imagine the perfect weekend for Rafael is taking the RV camping in the desert, jumping some dunes on quads with the kids, wrapping up the day with a killer campfire cooked meal and chilling with the family looking at the stars.

Kimberly Hughes

Kimberly Hughes

Administrative Manager

Kim joins Inked Bread as the administrative manager to make sure everything in the back office is running smoothly and efficiently so everyone else can keep doing what they need to do. She brings experience in administration and accounting in a variety of industries including transportation, distribution, and pallet manufacturing. 

She started working in the office for her dad at 15 doing paperwork and has learned and worked her way into a variety of roles – all of which pertain to paperwork, details, and numbers. Her favorite saying is, “How can I help?” and loves when she’s working with the group at Inked Bread and her husband brings her some peanut butter toast on Rosie’s San Francisco Sourdough (or Great White, or Agave Super Seed, or Honey Whole Wheat, or Mighty Multigrain).