Mighty Multigrain

Eat Mighty, Be Mighty

Don’t let the small size of these organic mighty grains fool you. Inside each and every slice is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with Omega-3s and proteins that you need to power through your day. Eat Mighty. Be Mighty.

Organic Whole Wheat Flour Blend (Organic Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour), Filtered Water, Organic Grain & Seed Mix (Organic Wheat, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Brown Flax Seeds, Organic Oats, Organic Barley, Organic White Sesame Seeds, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Rye, Organic Triticale, Organic Millet, Organic Yellow Corn, Organic Brown Rice), Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Wheat Gluten, Organic Whole Wheat Flour, Organic Raisin Juice, Organic Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Yeast, Cultured Organic Wheat Flour, Citric Acid, Natural Enzymes, Ascorbic Acid.


Contains: Wheat.


Free from statement

No Animal By-Products

No Tree Nuts

No Peanuts

Manufactured in a facility that is free of Tree Nuts and Peanuts

Inked Organics Mighty Multi Grain

Mighty Multigrain toast with Beet spread and Mango Moon and Stars. It’s rad to the max.
Mighty Multigrain Grilled Bratwurst Sandwich with sliced Onions, Parsley, Brown Mustard and Curry Powder. If “Flavorsplosion” was a word it would be used in this description.
Mighty Multigrain Loaf packed with Organic Seeds and Grains packed with Mighty!
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