When we see a loaf of our favorite Inked Organics Bread, we think “yum!” but when Jessica of The Breakfasteur sees our bread, she sees a masterpiece in the making. A dermatologist by day and a food artist on nights and weekends, she consistently makes impressive, creative food art–often using Inked Organics Bread to get the exact texture and color she’s looking for! The Breakfasteur also is the creator #playdoughsurgery, an all-ages-friendly educational effort that demonstrates surgeries using playdough. 

In celebration of Inked Organics’ breakfast breads, Jessica featured a rendition of our very own Lum-Bear-Jack, who graces our Serious Cinna’seed breakfast bread. Using just our Serious Cinna’ Seeds, Agave Super Seeds, and Great White breads and an avocado peel, the likeness is remarkable!

The creator of #playdoughsurgery, The Breakfasteur has dozens of videos on her Youtube channel featuring playdough re-creations of procedures like knee replacement surgery, an appendectomy or a cleft lip repair. The videos are fascinating for viewers young and old! The precision and detail Jessica brings to each video are truly astounding. 

The Breakfasteur’s toast creations are true works of art, too. From recognizable characters from kids’ shows like Daniel Tiger to beloved animals like sloths and koalas, each square on her IG feed is amazing. She even made pizza inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting–beautiful and delicious!

For some major toast inspiration, or some playdough surgery education, hop over to The Breakfasteur’s Youtube channel or follow her IG feed. If you’re feeling inspired, why not take a swing at toast art with your favorite Inked bread? Be sure to tag us on Instagram and use our new hashtag #thatsmybread ! 

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