Here at Inked Bread, we are major fans of a good sandwich— obvs. But what to do when you are feeling more snacky or you’re looking for something a little lighter? If you’ve got your favorite loaf of Inked Bread on hand, you are already part of the way to a delicious appetizer. That’s right, our bread is a great dipping partner for all the best dips. 

Hummus or Guacamole? Cut your Inked Bread slices into four triangles and then toast for fantastic dipping vessels. Craving pimento cheese, but not a whole sandwich? We’ve got a pimento cheese dip recipe for that very situation. Craving italian? Sling some fresh bruschetta on Rosie’s Sourdough. You won’t regret it. And of course, you can always keep it simple by dipping Inked Bread in oil and vinegar. It’s so easy, and so satisfying. 

We’ve wrangled some of the best dip recipes to pair with Inked Bread, no matter how you slice it.

Hummus 3 Ways: Simple, Spicy or Surprising Sweet? 

Humble hummus. It’s so tasty and packed with plant protein. If you’ve never made hummus at home, don’t be intimidated. Making hummus at home is super easy and once you have the basics down pat, the possible variations are endless. 

For a simple recipe to start with, try this Easy Hummus Without Tahini recipe. You’ll have yummy hummus ready within a few minutes. If you’re looking to spice things up a little bit, try Sriracha and Carrot Hummus. For something that still has some kick but has a swirl of honey, too, surprisingly sweet Jalapeno Honey Hummus is like #whoa delicious. 

Always Avocado: Dip, Toast, Sandwich Topping

Avocado— what is it NOT delicious with? (Don’t answer that) From classic guacamole to avocado mash to sliced avocado on sandwiches, a ripe avocado puts the A in a-game. For a delicious appetizer or side item, cut your favorite Inked Bread slices into strips and light toast to serve with fresh avocado mash. Or, if your taste buds are leaning more toward full-on guacamole, this recipe by Janine at Love and Lemons is on point.  

Pimento Cheese Dip: Cold or Hot

Pimento cheese is not everyone’s favorite, and that is a-ok. But for those of you who love it, we have two interpretations of the classic sandwich filling that will leave you wondering what else you can create with your beloved multiple-cheese-mixture. Seriously though, these pimento cheese dips may convert even the skeptics! April at Girl Gone Gourmet has a Pimento Cheese Dip recipe for pimento cheese making newbies. 

But, baked pimento cheese? Now we’re talking. Heat up your pimento cheese dip options with what may be the cheesiest dip you’ve ever tried! Baked Pimento Cheese Dip is next level. Heap that melty goodness on toasted strips of Inked Bread and let the feast begin!

Italian on Toast: Bruschetta Bites

While this is not exactly a dip, it IS an appetizer, so we’re going to let it slide. Bruschetta bites? Yes, please. For those times that you have a taste for something Italian, but don’t want a whole meal, try Bruschetta with Mozzarella, made into appetizer bites with Inked Bread. Or, for all the tomato, garlic goodness minus the mozz, this Balsamic Bruschetta is a great option. 

The OG Dip: O + V Oil and Vinegar Dip

Bread dipped in oil in vinegar is as classic as it comes. Add some herbs and cracked pepper and you’ve got a mini-meal. A quick, last-minute appetizer that’s flavor is much more complex than its preparation, Olive Oil + Balsamic Vinegar Dip is a recipe you’ll find yourself reaching weekly! Also try Creamy Balsamic Bread Dip for something smoother that would definitely work as a salad dressing, too!

Whatever dip or appetizer you’re craving, Inked Bread will anchor your snacking. Pick up a loaf of your favorite Inked Bread and get dipping! And as always, if you post something delicious made with your favorite Inked Bread on the socials, tag us with #thatsmybread!


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