If you are living a keto lifestyle, you know that delicious keto bread is not exactly easy to find. Here at Inked Bread, we set out to change that and bring soft, tasty bread to our keto pals. Maintaining a keto diet is no small endeavor, but we’re hoping a healthy bread option will make it all a little easier for you. If you’re just getting started on a keto diet, or are just in need of some fresh wind in your sails, here are a number of ways to adjust your lifestyle to be more supportive of your keto diet.

inked keto bread multi seed

Keto Meal Planning

Sure, it’s a no-brainer, but meal planning is of supreme importance when you are eating a keto diet. Finding yourself without the fuel you need come mealtime can really throw a wrench in your goals! Create a 7 or 14 day meal plan to rely on— it will keep you on track! As you learn new keto recipes, you can rotate your meal planning with ease. Better to be prepared than caught without a good dinner option after a busy day!

Pack a Keto Lunch

One of the toughest times to maintain your keto diet is when you’re on the go. When you are off to work or an all day hike, pack a generous keto-friendly lunch (and snacks!), along with plenty of water. Staying nourished and hydrated is essential, and packing a cooler or insulated lunch bag is a key way to accomplish it.

Eat Keto at Home

It may not be the most exciting option, but planning to eat at home for the majority of your meals is a great way to streamline your keto efforts. With a fully-stocked fridge and pantry, you can keep yourself fueled with the exact specs that you’re going for. Make up for the mundane elements with exotic ingredients, lit candles, and dinner parties!

Consider Keto-Cycling

If you’ve been committed to keto for a while, you may want to consider keto-cycling, which allows for a day or two off from keto every so often. There are pros and cons to this, and we’re bread experts not keto experts, so we’ll stick to making good bread regardless of what diet day you are on. Cool cool.  

Get Plenty of Sleep to Support Your Keto Efforts

With any health related effort, diet, exercise or otherwise, getting enough rest is a foundational step toward success. Especially when you are just starting out! Make an intentional sleep hygiene plan for improved results overall. Of course, setting a digital bedtime is a great place to start. Trade your device for a real-life book for a smoother transition to zzzzzzzs. With a guaranteed delicious breakfast option in Inked Keto Breads, what’s to worry about? Hit the sack!

Keep up the pace on your keto diet with Inked Bread’s keto options. Available in Keto White Bread and Keto Seeds Bread, there are delicious keto-friendly sandwiches in your future! And as always, if you share your Inked Bread masterpiece online, make sure to tag us with #thatsmybread! 


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