The organic bread craze is on the rise (pun intended). Junk food is out and clean and organic food has become more and more prevalent and appreciated.  But, what does organic bread really mean?  Yes, it’s a seal on the bag, but there’s much more to it than that – especially to us here at Inked Organics. But before we get into how Inked Organics does organic bread, let’s first explain what the USDA Certified Organic seal means.

USDA Organic Certification Seal

To bear the USDA Organic seal,  foods have to be grown and processed according to federal guidelines which include soil quality, animal raising practices, pest and weed control, and use of additives. Farmers and makers of organic foods rely on natural substances and physical, mechanical, or biologically based farming methods.  Additionally, certified organic foods are not grown or handled using genetically modified organisms, which the organic standards expressly prohibit (see “Organic 101: What Organic Farming (and Processing) Doesn’t Allow”).  Can we get a hallelujah?!  

So, now that we better understand what organic means, let’s talk about what organic bread means to Inked Organics!

High Quality Process = High Quality Product

We do not take this lightly.  We are a bunch of truly passionate people committed to making the best organic bread there is. What’s more, our miller baker team is a third-generation baker and a fourth-generation miller whose family helped to usher in the organic foods movement in the 40’s and 50’s in the Bay area.  Meeting the requirements of the USDA organic certification is just the starting point for us. We work to exceed customers’ expectations with every step in the process. We start by working with the highest quality farmers and grain millers in the country – or our extended family as we call them – to source our ingredients and then slow down the process to make bread the way it used to be made. The result is a clean ingredient label and a “to die for” taste. 

Our millers work at one the oldest mills in the country and, for decades, they have worked directly with our farmers to sustainably grow grains that have exceptional flavor, nutrient content, color and baking performance.  Starting with the highest quality grains, each loaf of bread is carefully crafted and made in small batches.  We believe fresh matters, and our select flour is milled within days of baking so you get the full-on fresh experience the way bread was meant to be.

True Transparency

At Inked Organics, we know how organic bread should be made and how it should taste. We never use enriched or other flours stripped of valuable natural nutrients only to add stuff back just to meet a “legal definition”, or to create the facade of an attractive nutritional panel.  We appreciate transparency and I bet you do too. You never have to worry where our ingredients come from.  Together with our partners, we can trace grains back to the farm where it was grown providing detailed specifications for every lot of grain that goes into our bread. We’re proud of this and aren’t afraid to tell you. 

We go beyond just having the organic certification with ingredients and a process you can trust.  Now grab a slice of your favorite Inked Organics bread and make yourself a killer sandwich! 

Read more about our process and partners on The Makers page.

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