You know what would make life a little better, a little sweeter and a little more delicious? Inked Organics landing in a Whole Foods near you! That’s right. Inked is coming to more and more local California Whole Foods locations, and bringing the best, healthiest bread with us. From our iconic Rosie’s sourdough to our newest loaf, Mighty Multigrain, your sandwiches are about to level up.

With top-quality ingredients and a small-batch baking process, we have perfected our craft. We’re not sitting on our heels though! We have new bread products releasing soon and more in development, so your Inked Organics habit will only be growing!

Don’t frequent the grocery store much these days? No problem, Inked Organics is available for Prime delivery in certain delivery areas. You may never need to order a deli sandwich again! You’ll be constructing sandwich combos on a few fresh slices of your favorite Inked bread in no time.

We’re adding new stores all the time, so if you don’t see your favorite Inked Organics bread in your Whole Foods, it’s only a matter of time. Use the store finder to stay updated on Inked Organics in your local Whole Foods.

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