The new year is here! And, of course, the turn of the calendar page to a new year always brings the typical surge in “new year, new me” resolutions, complete with extreme New Year’s dieting or exercise plans. We’ve all done it, right? 

This year, instead of launching a short-term, extreme plan, how about we all decide to make attainable changes that are actually feasible? Crazy, huh? Jumpstarting a healthy lifestyle is always a great idea. So why not make 2021 the year you make the changes that have sticking power? 

It can seem appealing to totally revamp everything as we chase that elusive “new me” when we would really be better off building small, consistent changes into a new normal. For example, simple practices that ensure adequate hydration and plenty of rest are essentials to a healthy life. Moving our bodies every day is another essential that can be easy to put off or not make time for. Eating fast food or processed food with refined grains and excess sugar is convenient but should be rare rather than routine. 

So, this year, dig out that big water bottle you have and put it to use! Set an alarm for going to bed, not just waking up. Lace up some shoes you can be active in and hit the pavement or a nearby trail to move your body this New Year. 

Let your healthy diet 2021 grocery list reflect your commitment to a healthier lifestyle by adding more fruits and vegetables with lots of variety. Upgrade your normal sandwich bread to healthy bread like Inked Organics’ Agave Super Seeds bread or Mighty Multigrain for an easy nutrient boost. You won’t be sacrificing flavor when you make these small changes, that’s for sure. 

So many diet plans require a hard pass on all bread. While this may give some people quick results, who wants to live a sandwich-less life? When you choose the best organic bread, packed with good ingredients and free of the not-good ones, bread isn’t the enemy to a healthy life for most people. (Of course, follow any recommendations by your doctor if you are dealing with a health condition that requires eliminating wheat or grains.) So, grab a loaf of your favorite health bread brand, Inked Organics’, Honey Whole Wheat, and start your sandwich planning!

Each of these changes does not require a lot of expense, and likely won’t require a huge shift in your routines. These are the kinds of changes that will last! You’ll soon find yourself craving more water or drawn to mid-day movement sessions. You’ll be eating healthy, nutrient powerhouse sandwiches and getting to bed earlier. Now that is a good way to start 2021!

Start the new year right with healthy bread from Inked Organics

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