Heading back to the office after a year or more working from home?  This is exciting, overwhelming and downright challenging, especially for the routine impaired.  No worries, we’ve got your back, at least when it comes to prepping lunch.  So before you get too overwhelmed, check out our compilation of easy, healthy office lunches and a few planning hacks.

Mozzacado Sandwich on Rosie’s Sourdough

Yes. That’s right. Mozza-cado. Pair fresh mozzarella cheese with mouth-watering ripe avocado slices on our Rosie’s Sourdough bread and you have the beginning of something beautiful. Seriously, that is already an amazing sandwich. Add garden fresh tomato slices, fresh basil and you’re really going somewhere. Drizzle with a honey balsamic glaze and BAM. You’ll look forward to lunch all morning. No sad desk lunch here! Check out this mozzacado sandwich recipe to get your creative juices flowing. And, believe us, this is a sandwich that can be reinterpreted in so many ways. A dash of Everything but the Bagel seasoning on Monday? Check. Add some slices of boiled eggs on Wednesday? Totally. Sprouts and dijon mustard on Friday? You get the idea. 

California Sandwich on Super Seeds

As proud best coasters, the California sandwich had us at hello. The basic framework of the sandwich is great bread (we think Super Seeds bread is perfect for this), fresh vegetables like tomato, sprouts and avocado, and… wait for it… ranch dressing! Here’s a California sandwich recipe to get you started, but obviously the sky’s the limit here. Make your ranch from scratch if that’s what you want to do, or just buy your favorite bottled variety. Add deli meat if you want a protein boost, and skip any vegetables that don’t appeal. With the foundation of our Agave Super Seeds bread, you are already on track for a nutritious and delicious sandwich. Add a turbo boost of nutrition to your lunch break with Inked Organics bread. 

Peanut Butter and Pomegranate on Honey Whole Wheat

Take that predictable elementary school PB&J and give it an office-worthy makeover. You will be amazed at how delicious a simple nut-butter sandwich can be when you anchor it with the best organic bread in the world and then add fresh fruit! First, slather Inked Honey Whole Wheat bread with high-quality peanut butter (not that questionable stuff we ate when we were kids). Next, sprinkle generously with fresh, delicious pomegranate seeds. Yes. That’s it. So easy and such an upgrade. There will be no packed lunch shame when you roll with such a tasty sandwich.

Club Sandwich Salad 

The Club Sandwich: it’s such a classic. Whether you’re literally at a country club or you’re at pretty much any diner ever, the club sandwich is there for you. You can count on it tasting good— it’s simple and dependable. But, if all the elements are fresh and top-quality, you’re in for a real treat. Plus, #bacon. If you’re trying to upgrade your office lunch greens consumption, this club sandwich salad is a winner. Consider it a deconstructed sandwich! The homemade croutons in this salad really take it to the next level. You can use any Inked bread to make croutons, but we think Rosie’s San Francisco Sourdough bread is the best option. 

Greek Salad in a Jar

Salad in a jar is not a new idea, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great solution to fight off your office lunch packing anxiety. The trick is to layer your salad components from heavy to light, bottom to top. Start with your dressing, so it sits at the bottom of the jar all morning, rather than coating your lettuce and making it soggy. Hardier elements (read: not salad greens) are layered next, followed by the more delicate greens. Gravity plays its part by keeping the dressing at the bottom until you toss your salad in a jar into a bowl at lunchtime. It’s a genius concept. Check out this greek salad in a jar to get started. There are tons of ways to mix it up once you have the basic idea. 

Office Lunch-Making Hacks

We get it. Skipping take-out or grabbing lunch with your co-workers can feel like a drag. But, with three essential office lunch hacks, you may inspire your co-workers to join you in the packed lunch club. 

First: try to take it outside. Get creative with where you enjoy your office lunch. Is there a park nearby, or even a simple picnic table? Don’t underestimate how much the fresh air and sunshine will improve your day!

Second: don’t neglect your drink. An ice-cold refreshing beverage is a major part of a good lunch break. If you’re keeping an eye on your sugar intake, there are plenty of naturally flavored sparkling waters to choose from. 

Third: take your office lunch packing supplies seriously. Get a good, insulated lunch bag and a spill-proof thermos. Consider getting a reusable set of flatware. These simple choices will make your daily office lunch planning much easier. 

Last: Include a treat. A tasty finisher is a great way to top off your packed office lunch. It could be as simple as a small piece of chocolate or as involved as homemade chocolate chia pudding. (Try it, it’s so good.)

 By using these three hacks, your office lunch packing experience is sure to be doable. 

As you transition back to office life, taking care to provide yourself healthy lunches is essential. Not only is it better for you, you’ll find yourself having a higher quality work break. Rather than rushing around to find an affordable lunch place with a short lunch hour line, you can enjoy a good meal and still have time to get your body moving for a few minutes or to simply rest. Imagine that. Start planning your easy, healthy office lunches with Inked Organics bread today! Find more sandwich ideas here.

Find your favorite loaf of Inked Organics bread at your local grocery store, LA area Costcos, and more locations added every week! If you create a new and delicious healthy sandwich using Inked Organics bread, give us a shout on Instagram using #thatsmybread!

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