Tailgating, camping or just spending the weekend at home—nothing beats a big pot of chili this time of year. Whether you like your chili in a steaming mug with a dash of sour cream or heaped on a hotdog, chili is a sure crowd pleaser. Cooking for a crowd? Do chili. Want to freeze half for next week? Chili. Need a hearty but low-maintenance dinner option on weeknights? Chili. Not only is chili delicious, it comes in many varieties! We’ve gathered our top five chili recipes for you to serve up alongside your loaded Inked Bread sandwiches, grilled cheeses, and the good ‘ole, classic side item: buttered toast! 

Classic Chili: Why Mess with the Best?

For a classic pot of chili that will anchor your loaded chili bar for football season and beyond, look no further than this classic chili recipe. A simple, easy recipe with whole ingredients, this one is a keeper. It has plenty of meat, tender beans, and that saucy goodness you just want to dip your Inked Bread sandwich in!

No Meat, Still Great: Vegetarian Chili

Love chili but not all that meat? Cookie and Kate have a delicious vegetarian chili recipe that doesn’t skimp on flavor or heartiness. Even the carnivores will appreciate this tasty option. Plus, the chili itself is vegan, and if you’re choosy with your toppings, it can be a dairy free meal, too!

Fresh and Flavorful Chili Alternative: White Chicken Chili (bonus: slow cooker)

Swap the beef and kidney beans for chicken and white beans with this white chicken chili recipe. Adjust your toppings to include verde sauce and lime wedges to accent this tasty version of chili. Bonus: this recipe is for a slow cooker. Three cheers for make-ahead food options on busy days!

Hottest Chili: 5 Alarm Chili

Some people want their chili to stop just short of igniting their nose hairs, you know? If that’s you or someone you cook for, this 5-alarm chili is the bomb, and we’re not talking about a gut bomb. The recipe lists spices from five different sources: jalapeno, chipotle in adobo, chili powder, cayenne, and ancho. Hello! It’s for the brave among us! Try this recipe and let us know how many alarms you give it, and don’t forget to absorb all of that heat with a buttery grilled cheese made with Rosie’s San Francisco Bay Sourdough Inked Bread.

No Bean Chili: Mushroom Chili (yes, seriously!)

Love chili but beans don’t love you back? This bean-free mushroom chili  could be perfect for you. Subbing the beans out of chili is a bold move- but the mushrooms are a brilliant alternative. Add your favorite toasted Inked Bread (maybe Honey Whole Wheat?) with some goat cheese. Yum. 

These five chili recipes will keep your stock pot busy for the rest of winter/football season/ever. Mix and match your toppings and sandwiches to keep things interesting. And as always, if you post something delicious made with your favorite Inked Bread on the socials, tag us with #thatsmybread!

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