Set your alarms, folks, because Inked Organics’ breakfast breads are now available. Waking up has a whole new meaning when delicious breads are waiting for you. Yes, of course, our other breads make great toast, but our two new loaves are specifically created with breakfast in mind. So grab your favorite toast toppings—cream cheese, butter and jam, or protein-rich nut butter—and prepare to slather your new Inked Organics’ breakfasts bread and make a healthy feast of a breakfast.

cinna seeds

Our Serious Cinna’ Seeds Bread is a mouth-watering combination of hearty bread packed with seedy organic goodness and warm cinnamon sweetness swirled in. Cinna’ Seeds is perfect for a quick and healthy breakfast before work or a before-school breakfast for kids, yet equally a perfect side item to your weekend brunch spread. Serious Cinna’ Seeds Bread is sure to become your new favorite cinnamon breakfast bread…. Until you try our Streusel Cinna’ Raisins Bread, that is. 

streusel cinna raisin

That’s right, we said streusel. Inked Organics’ second new breakfast bread is our Streusel Cinna’ Raisins Bread. Delicious cinnamon raisin bread is great but put streusel on top and now you’ve got something to celebrate! It’s a treat, for sure, but still packed with organic ingredients and whole grains. This cinnamon breakfast bread is sure to keep the whole family happy as they start their day. Spread some cream cheese on our Streusel Cinna’ Raisins Bread, maybe add some fresh berries or banana, and you’re well on your way to organic breakfast greatness. We promise. 

Find your favorite loaf of Inked Organics bread, including our new breakfast breads, at your local grocery store, LA area Costcos, and more locations added every week! And, as usual, if you’re proud of a sandwich you create, give us a shout on Instagram using #thatsmybread!

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