We all grew up on sandwiches, right? Whether it was a dependable PB&J in our elementary school lunch box, or a classic grilled cheese alongside a bowl of chili on a winter evening, sandwiches were a family menu staple. Sandwiches were a simple meal option. 

In recent decades, however, many dieting strategies have declared bread an enemy, and thus, sandwiches have been the sad casualty of peoples’ efforts to lose weight. Sure, cutting carbs can be a short-term weight loss strategy, but we’re definitely in the pro-bread camp for anyone who is able to partake! And when we say we are pro-bread, it’s literally our life’s work to create the best tasting, best for you bread available. So, instead of asking “is bread good for you?” ask “is this bread at the grocery store the best, most healthful organic bread for my sandwich-making?”  

Good for You Bread as your Sandwich Foundation

Feel fuller longer by stacking your sandwiches with Inked Organics Bread. Many of our breads contain 5 grams of protein per slice, so your sandwich can boast 10g of protein from the bread alone! Once you add deli meat, eggs or nut butter, you’re well on your way to a hearty and health-conscious meal. Wanting to add more super seeds to your diet for their nutritional benefits? Upgrade your favorite sandwich with Inked Organics’ Agave Super Seeds bread, featuring our signature grain and seeds blend* that adds healthy fats, vitamins and antioxidants. Building a healthful sandwich starts with Inked Organics bread. Check the ingredients list of your favorite loaf and see if it’s giving you the foundation you need to make good-for-you sandwiches. 

At Inked Organics, we make bread that is packed with nutrients, from whole grain goodness to super seed power. And when you start making a sandwich with such nutritious bread, you’re already well on your way to a very healthy sandwich. Choose your favorite filling from the myriad of choices, and you’ll soon be digging into a delicious and good-for-you sandwich. Fresh cold cuts and cheese. Yep. Add avocado? Yes, please. Sprinkle with sprouts? Of course! A swath of hummus? Now you’re talking! There are endless ways to build your favorite sandwich with Inked Organics bread. 

Keto Bread Coming Soon— Yes, really. 

Of course, there are people who are living with celiac disease or wheat allergies that need to steer clear of a bread-heavy diet for their health. We get that. And, actually, one of our top-secret summer projects is all about putting better bread into more people’s hands. Our test kitchen is putting the final touches on our next new bread— and, drumroll, please… It’s Keto!  Hello! More bread options for more people. Winning!

With the right ingredients, starting with fresh organic sandwich bread, you can build a sandwich that supports your health journey. Nutrient-packed bread is a great vehicle for endless sandwich options: from fresh tuna salad to hearty meatballs to premium nut butter and jam. It’s all a matter of how you stack it. Whether it’s packed in your daypack as you launch on a hike down the coast or tucked in your work lunch cooler for a hearty midday meal, a sandwich on the best organic bread (ahem, Inked Organics) is a great option. 

We may be a little biased, as self-proclaimed sandwich aficionados, but the evidence is clear: A sandwich with high-quality ingredients layered between two slices of nutritious bread is most definitely a great, health-conscious choice! Start making your favorite sandwich today, with Inked Organics. Find your favorite loaf of Inked Organics bread at your local grocery store, LA area Costcos, and more locations added every week! And, as usual, if you’re proud of a sandwich you create, give us a shout on Instagram using #thatsmybread!


* Inked Organics Organic Grain & Seed Mix contains: Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Khorasan, Organic Millet, Organic Brown Rice, Organic Brown Flax Seeds, Organic Golden Flax Seeds, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Sorghum, Organic Spelt, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Whole Hemp Seed Hearts


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