Sourdough lovers rejoice!  If you need any additional excuses to love and eat more sourdough bread–look no further! Not only is sourdough bread delicious to eat, but it is also full of hidden secrets that do your body some good. That’s right. That soft, sweet goodness that you know our  Rosie’s San Francisco Bay Sourdough Bay for is a healthy choice. It’s a win/win! For a deep dive on sourdough, we’ve gathered 4 reasons why sourdough is good for you. 

Organic Sourdough Bread

Sugar Free Bread

If you’re trying to control your sugar intake or need to avoid sugar in your diet, sourdough may be a good option for you. Inked Organics Rosie’s San Francisco Bay Sourdough has zero grams of sugar*. That’s right. Zero. The fermentation process in the sourdough starter, which contains flour and wild yeast, gives the sourdough bread a natural sweetness without the worry of adding sugar to your meal.  Additionally, some studies have shown that sourdough bread has the lowest postprandial glucose and insulin responses compared to other wheat breads not using a fermentation method. 

Sourdough Can Be Easier to Digest

Gluten is a family of proteins found in a variety of whole grains like wheat, rye, spelt, and barley.  The fermentation process of the sourdough starter can actually degrade a certain amount of gluten making it a bit easier to digest for people mildly sensitive to wheat gluten. Of course, with any sensitivities and allergies, follow your doctor’s recommendation. 

Fructan is a type of carbohydrate found in grains as well as other foods such as garlic, onions, cashews, and others.  Fructans can cause digestive upset in some people similar to gluten.  However, when all of the wonderful bacteria is formed when the sourdough starter is fermenting, that bacteria helps to reduce the fructan making it easier on the tummy and intestines. 


Inked Organic’s Sourdough Has Fewer Preservatives

You can always rest assured that Inked Organics bread does not have added preservatives to it.  We don’t want chemicals in our bodies, so we won’t put them in yours.  Our Sourdough is a type of a superbread, however, when it comes to this topic.  We’ve talked a lot about the sourdough fermentation process (the starter) already. There’s so much magic that happens in that ball of active flour and wild yeast including the production of an acid that naturally prevents the formation of mold.  Therefore, the bread, in a way, preserves itself and can stay fresh longer.  

With any food, however, sourdough will eventually mold when left in warm conditions or if it is left out too long.  This happens because air and moisture, along with particles in the air attach to the bread increasing the production of mold spores. We recommend keeping your bread out of direct sunlight and freezing the bread if you can’t eat it right away.  If you freeze it, you can take individual slices out to thaw making your loaf last even longer!

Sourdough Bread Tastes Great

Not only are you getting many health benefits from sourdough bread, but it also tastes amazing too!  There’s nothing like a grilled cheese made with fresh sourdough bread or a simple toasted slice with homemade jam.  It’s a comfort food and life’s simplest pleasure that you can feel good about! So, stock up on some Rosie’s of your own, and get down to some healthy sandwich making.

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*See Nutritional Information for Total Fat & Sat Fat, Not a Low Calorie Food

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