If your New Year’s healthy diet 2021 includes more exercise, you’ll probably find yourself hungry for more healthy fuel throughout the day! All that movement means you need some more healthy food to keep you going all day. Traditional, strict New Year’s dieting often doesn’t support what your body needs for a simultaneous new workout effort. A higher protein meal plan is in order! The good news is that with a couple of slices of the best organic bread, Inked Organics, and a few new additions to your sandwich plans, you can make sure you’re getting plenty of protein throughout your day. You can add protein to your sandwiches with these three simple options:

1) Add Hummus to Your Turkey Sandwich

A loaded turkey sandwich is a great lunch option, and when you add hummus, it takes it to the next level. Not only does the hummus add flavor and texture to your favorite turkey sandwich situation, but it adds protein, too! Slather your favorite Inked Organics bread (we recommend Agave Super Seeds!) with your favorite flavor of hummus and start building your new favorite sandwich! 

sandwich on organic bread

2) Add Refried Beans to Your Chicken Sandwich

Take your love of sandwiches and your love of tacos and create something new for lunch! Start with rotisserie chicken or some baked chicken breast leftovers, and create a feast between slices of healthy Mighty Multigrain bread by adding refried beans, cheese and tomato slices. Then, throw that deliciousness in a hot skillet for a Mexican cuisine inspired grilled rotisserie chicken sandwich. Looking for a little more kick? Add a spoonful of salsa or a few shakes of a good hot sauce. Boom. Flavor explosion AND a healthy, protein-rich sandwich.

3) Add an Egg to Your Burger

Take your backyard burger grilling up a notch by adding a fried egg to your burger of choice. Whether you’re a turkey burger person, or veggie burger or classic ground beef, an egg adds a layer of protein that is hard to beat! While you’re at it, add some sauteed poblano peppers and goat cheese. You won’t be sorry. 

Keep your New Year’s momentum strong with help from your favorite healthy bread brand, Inked Organics. By making sure you get plenty of protein throughout your day, you’ll support your New Years’ goals and your progress. Start planning your protein-rich sandwiches for a quick but sustaining meal today. 

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